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5 Lbs Of 6 Bean Espresso Blend. Fresh Roast and Perfect Crema

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Roasted Coffee



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Blended Coffee

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Coffee Bean

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United States

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1 year from delivery.

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This listing is for 5 pounds of freshly roasted six bean expresso blend whole bean(ground if requested) coffee and includes free shipping. It will be packaged in a sealed stay fresh, valved bag and shipped via USPS. Six Bean Espresso Blend A balanced blend of beans fromIndonesia, Africa, Central and South America. Cupping Notes: Smooth body with moderate acidity. Complex, yet offers an even crema. We spent weeks and dozens of roasts/cuppings with several specialists to create this blend of beans that is intended specifically for espresso. It offers a moderate amount of acidity and fruity flavors from Kenya and Ethiopia, it has an even crema boosted by the Indonesian(Robusta) beans! All this is made complete and smooth by the perfect blend of Central and South American beans. It consists of mostly Arabica beans with Robusta Indonesian beans included for the extra caffeine and kick we all love in our espresso. We small batch roast in our Southern California, FDA Registered, State inspected facility. Unlike many of our competitors, we import our own beans, roast them fresh and ship them to you while following strict Federal, State, and local standards. Your coffee will be roasted and shipped the same day guaranteeing the freshest coffee possible without you coming to get it!! We suggest buying only whole bean coffee and grinding just before use, but if you like, we will grind it for free. Just send us a note at check out and let us know if you want it ground for: French press, drip, or espresso. Enjoy our coffee! TemeculaCoffeeRoasters