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Organic 3 Bean Espresso Arabica Coffee Whole Beans Fresh Roasted

Roasted In The Morning Shipped that Afternoon !

Price: $24.95

Product Details

Food Aisle :


Brand :

Macaw Coffee Roasters

Packaged By The Pound ! :

Sealed for Freshness in 1-way Degassing Valve Bag

Fresh Roasted Daily ! :

Shipped Within Hours of Roasting !

100% Arabica Coffee Beans ! :

Gourmet Grade #1 Coffee Bean

Certified Fair Trade: :

These Farmers Are Paid A Very Fair Price

Fresh Roasted To Order :

Roasted Each Morning & Shipped Each Afternoon !

Premium Gourmet Coffee :

We Source the Best Green Coffee Around the World

Expiration Date :

1 Year From Date Of Order, Roasted Same Morning

Dark Roasted :

Roasted Dark To Bring Out That Special Flavor !

Whole Bean Coffee ! :

Ground Upon Request, No Additional Charge !

Food Specifications :

Dark Roasted

Type :

Indonesian Sumatra Coffee Beans

Product :

Coffee Bean

Modified Item :


Roast :


What the Seller Says

Taste for yourself why so many people are switching to Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters. We only roast the finest coffee beans on the Planet. #1 One eBay Over 450,000 Pounds Sold & 73,000 Happy Customers! Click the link below to order this coffee ground! Espresso Arabica Coffee Beans Organic 3 Bean Fresh Roasted Ground 2 / 1 Pound Bags Taste Our Passion In Every Sip; We Are Your True Coffee Hunters! Our French Roasted 3 Bean Espresso Blend is made of 100% Arabica coffee bean mostly of Sumatra coffee beans and a small amount of South American and Central American coffees. Our Fair Trade Organic Sumatra coffee beans come from the Indonesian island of Sumatra & are roasted to that Dark & oily level. Sumatra Mandheling is known for its very heavy, almost syrupy body and its low acidity. This combination makes for a smooth, velvety, yet pronounced cup of coffee. This coffee has a powerful aroma direct and sturdy with nutty flavor. Our current lot is Gayo Mountain Fair Trade & Organic. The factory, where the beans are processed, is located in Takengon, Sumatra, Indonesia; it is the only one of its kind in North Sumatra producing high quality washed and unwashed coffee. This coffee is organically certified by SKAL to bring Organic Sumatra Arabica to market; it is certified Fair Trade.. Farms range from one to four acres in size and are inter-planted with fruits and vegetables, allowing farmers to be more self-sufficient in times of volatility. Farmers are also able to deliver their beans directly to the factory, cutting out middlemen, therefore providing them higher prices for their valuable product, and direct access to export markets. The beans are grown at elevations ranging from 3,200 to 6,000 feet. Most fertilization is done with organic matter because of the high cost of imported fertilizers. This grade 1 Sumatra Mandheling is double picked. This world-class coffee is grown in the Malay Archipelago of Indonesia near the city of Padang, and it is prepared there by the natural method that employs unchecked fermentation. Then we mix these beans with beans from South America & Central America to create an Espresso that will awake your senses to a whole new experience of espresso. Cup characteristics: Earthy, nutty, smooth on the palate. Sturdy, pronounced but not overbearing body. This espresso coffee has a syrupy body with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. They are well-known for their smooth and full bodied flavors. They have both earthy and complex flavor profiles. These coffee beans are legendary in the world of espresso coffee they are rich in history and rich in flavor. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

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