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Manual Espresso Machines

Espressos are one of the most popular drinks around the world. They make it easy to wake up and have a taste that is preferable over traditional black coffee.

But just like black coffee, many cafes now charge an arm and a leg to have them every day. Instead of buying espressos, making your own at home is always a good option.


What Is An Espresso?

An espresso is a mix of different coffee blends. These beans are grinded to a much finer point, making them easy to mix in a short time period.

To brew espresso, the grinded beans are subjected to a much more forceful blast of water. Instead of a cup, you end up with a shot of espresso and a little crema.

Crema is a foam that is generated by the high amount of force that is shot through the grinds. It can be seen as similar to a head on a beer.

Espresso has far more caffeine per amount of drink than coffee. A whole tall cup of coffee (12 ounces) has about 120 mg of caffeine in it. A single ounce of espresso has about 64 mg of caffeine in it.

Why Use A Manual Espresso Maker?

You can find a number of high quality, powered espresso makers but the quality of espresso that you get out of these machines is far less than you would get out of a manual espresso maker once you learn how to use it. Manual espresso machines are an art form.

With a manual espresso machine, you have much more control over the brewing process so you can get the exact espresso you want. Along with getting the espresso that you want to get a sense of satisfaction from making your own drinks.

Machine espresso makers have their share of problems. From burning grounds to not making the right amount. You also have less control over the results.


Different Types Of Manual Espresso Machines

A number of different types of manual espresso machines exist. These machines are designed to offer a variety of different features. You can find manual espresso machines, portable coffee makers, and espresso coffee makers on our site.


Manual Espresso Machines

Most manual espresso machines are either pump or lever operated and designed to be used on a countertop. They aren’t easy to transport around. They do have a learning curve but they do have a lot more features available to help with the perfect crafting of espresso.


Portable Coffee Makers

There are a number of manual espresso machines that are specifically designed to be easy to transport around. These allow you to have espresso wherever you want it.

One of the most common uses for portable ones is for those that travel a lot. Portable coffee makers are also found at worksites where the location changes a lot.

Espresso Coffee Makers

An espresso coffee maker is capable of making both espresso and coffee. These are great options for households or workplaces where people want to be able to have either or. Some people also like the option of being able to pick which they have on any given day.

Finding a manual espresso machine is a great option for those who truly enjoy their coffee. There are a wide variety of machines available out there and you can use the list above to help you find out what type is right for you. Then follow the directions and utilize YouTube to learn the art of making a high-quality espresso.

Those who have manual espresso machines enjoy their daily drinks far more than those with electric machines or those who get them from a shop. You also save in the long run!