3 Different Categories Of Amazing Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines

Choosing A Suitable Espresso Machine

There are three categories of coffee machines. While some encourage active involvement, others may require less involvement or no involvement at all.

However, all these categories of espresso machines are great but it is up to you to decide which one is well suited to your needs and lifestyle.


1. Basic/Manual

The basic or manual espresso machines simply mean that there will be plenty of human involvement when making the coffee. Just like you anticipated, you will certainly have to purchase already granted coffee as the machine won’t be doing this for you.

More so you will be responsible for the amount of water and every other process in between. Many coffee lovers love to be actively involved in the brewing process.


2. Partly Automatic

This coffee maker comes with a boiler and a switch that turns the machine on, just like the name implies, you can be sure that you will handle some of its processes. Some may need already graduated coffee.

Essentially, you will have to add all of the ingredients and then switch the machine on to work its magic.


3. Automatic

When you hear the word “automatic” the first thing that comes to your mind is safety, convenience, and efficiency. If you are thinking that the automatic espresso machines offer all of the aforementioned advantages, then you are right!

This espresso machine does not need to grit espresso beans as it will grant whole coffee beans for the brew. In addition, you can be sure that all of the brewing processes will be handled by the automatic coffee maker.

However, the coffee maker won’t go to the mall to purchase coffee beans for you. Neither will it pour coffee beans into the opening for coffee grating.


When you consider the convenience and efficiency of the automated coffee maker, you begin to realize that it should be very expensive when compared to other categories.

Automatic espresso machines are somewhat restrictive when compared to other categories. If you like to be involved in the coffee-making process and determine the final outcome of your cup of coffee, then you should opt for the manual option.



Manual espresso machines are well-suited for someone who loves professionally made coffee by themselves.

When people are often very occupied, they can come to rely on the manual espresso machine for a refreshing cup of coffee whenever they desire it.

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